Band Camp Checklist

Your child must bring a lunch every day!

Camp starts at 8:30 AM. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early.

  • BRING A WATER JUG: Band Camp gets HOT!  The bigger the better.
  • LABEL YOUR STUFF: A lot of the bags, jugs etc. will look the same.  Lost & found starts out small but usually ends up as a huge heap!
  • SUNSCREEN: Lots of it.  I know they make some with clips so they easily attach to a bag or backpack.
  • OLD HAND TOWEL: We can soak them in cold/icy water for the kids to be draped over their shoulders and neck to help with the heat.
  • GOOD GYM SHOES: Please wear gym shoes with socks, no show socks are good and if you’re buying new shoes, break them in before band camp—no blisters!
  • EXTRA SHIRT & SOCKS: For the long days, bring an extra shirt & socks for the afternoon, it will help you feel clean and dry!
  • WEAR LIGHTER COLORED CLOTHES: You won’t get as hot.
  • EAT RESPONSIBLY: Please don’t over stuff at lunch.  Eat breakfast but stay away from large glasses of milk.
  • SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP: We can’t stress enough how long these days can be.  It is so important that the kids get enough sleep the night before.

The schedule will vary from week to week. Always check the Charms Calendar for the schedule.