Dear Band Parents –

Even though marching band season is winding down, we still have several expenses to cover such as bus drivers, truck rentals and instructional fees for all of the wonderful people who help Mr. Elliott make the marching band season possible.  One of the main sources of income to cover marching band costs are student fee payments.  The Band Booster treasurer, Jodi McGinnis, will begin invoicing you via email for the remaining balance of your student’s band fees due for the 2016 marching band season.  You will receive an email even if you have no balance due.

Please know that this process is not an easy one.  Student fees paid by check or cash MUST be collected by Mr. Elliott and deposited into the Ryle Band account by the Ryle financial secretary.  This is mandated by the Board of Education and the State of Kentucky.  Credit card fees paid online are tracked by Jodi, then she writes a check to the Ryle Band Account each quarter.  There is room for error in tracking payments with all of the hands these funds pass through.

If you believe there is a discrepancy on your balance due, please let Jodi know by responding to the invoice email.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jodi McGinnis –

Thank you!

Tracy Fuchs

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