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Competition Season is almost here!!  I am the Competition Food Chair for this marching season.  I just wanted to update you briefly with Competition food information. We feed our kids (about 200 kids and instructors) at every competition and need your help!!   The Ryle Band Boosters provide the main sandwich, pizza, chicken, or whatever we are having for that day.  We ask parents to provide sides, fruit, dessert, etc.  We will post all our specific needs on Charms.  The needs for Beechwood have been posted!!  We are asking anyone and everyone to sign up to donate or be on the Food Crew!  We are having a special push for the Trombone and Flute sections to sign up for the Beechwood Competition.  We will pick a couple of sections each competition, but need tons of help, so ANYONE can donate or sign up to help at any time!!

How do I sign up?

Pull up the Charms Calendar and go to September 10.  Click on the hand and all the needs for that day will pop up.  We need a Food Crew to set up, serve, and clean up.  We also need specific donations that are listed.  If you need any help with navigating the sign up, please email me at  If you signed up for Food Crew at Friends and Family night, please go to Charms and add your name to that section!

Where and when do I drop off my food?

If you are donating nonperishable food, please drop it off on Tuesday or Thursday night when you drop off or pick up your child from practice between now and September 8.  The Booster storage room is the second door from the end in the band room (the end where the outside door used to be before construction took over!) Put any non-perishables in there.   Any perishable food (ex. Grapes, bagged salad) will need to go in the fridge.  It’s in the storage room right past this (the last door) and should be dropped off Tuesday or Thursday the week of the competition.  Please have all donations dropped off no later than Thursday before the competition (Sept. 8 for Beechwood) so we can assess any last minute needs that we may have and get those on Friday.

One thing we are requesting is mac and cheese for the Beechwood competition.  We are asking that you cook this at home and bring the pan of cooked mac and cheese to the Beechwood Cafeteria on competition day and drop it off.  More specific times will be announced as we get closer.  You will get an email/phone call with details if you sign up for this.

 Where and when do I arrive to serve on Food Crew?

As the date gets closer and our schedule comes out with our performance time, we will have a scheduled time to eat.  At this time, I will know more specifically when we need to meet.  The Food Crew will meet at the Ryle staging area in the Beechwood parking lot.  We will unload food/coolers from our equipment truck and take it to the Beechwood cafeteria where we will set up and feed the kids.  Afterwards, we will clean up and return the coolers, totes, etc. to the equipment truck and be finished for the day.  You will get to see your child’s performance!! 

 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for any and all help you can give.  It is a huge undertaking to pull this off and we could not do it without your help.  We love you and thank you!!! 

 Please email me with any questions!!! 

Alecia Hunt (

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